Spring cleaning not just for the home

May 28, 2009 // 0 Comments

  By CLIFF AND NANCY HILL Do you have a stretch of county road that leads to the front door of your home, business, or community?  Is it littered with a winter’s accumulation of road trash that harms the environment and diminishes the curb appeal of your property?  The Kent County Road Commission has an answer for you.  You can join the ranks of community minded citizens who have stepped forward to keep their roadsides clear of trash in volunteering their services by forming Adopt-A-Road teams. Adopt-A-Road groups are composed of service groups, fraternal organizations, employees of a company, property owners associations, and even groups of friends and families, to name a few of many.  This fulfilling task is as simple as making application to the Kent County Road Commission for a permit to adopt a section of road.  If accepted, your group will be assigned spring, summer, and fall pick-up dates.  The Road Commission will then place signage naming your group at each end of your adopted stretch of road to recognize your group’s commitment. Each season’s pick-up window is eight days long.  All that is required is to choose one day in each window to pick-up roadside trash.  Blue trash bags and orange safety vests are required and provided by the Road Commission.  In the Rockford vicinity Adopt-A-Road signs can be seen recognizing the efforts of the Rockford Police Department, Rockford Rotary, Rockford Jaycees, and Westdale Realty, among others.  Sharon Schmuker, Permit Clerk for The Kent County Road Commission, tells the Squire that it takes more than just Adopt-A-Road groups.  The Road Commission also greatly appreciates the individual citizens who take it upon themselves to pick-up trash along the roadside during their, oftentimes, daily walks. Schmuker tells us, “The Road Commission would love to add other civic minded groups to their roster of Adopt-A-Road teams.” So in your travels this week as you pass by roadside pick-up crews sporting orange vests be sure slow down, wave, and give a honk of appreciation.              For further information contact The Kent County Road Commission at 616-242-6920.