Removing dead trees part of Tree City USA

One of the responsibilities of being designated a “Tree City USA” is to remove dead  and/or decaying parkway trees that pose a threat to life, limb, and property.  This 100+ year-old Maple tree at 175 Courtland Street was one such tree.  Standing next to the tree, to give perspective to its almost 6’ diameter is Squire Reporter Nancy Hill.  Behind the huge segment of trunk are arborists (l-r) Nate Mitchell and Nate Jansen) of the Rockford City contracted, Summit Tree Service.  The “Nates” spent the better part of the day safely wrestling the cut segments of this tree, some weighing more than 1,500 lbs., to the ground.  This particular Maple tree was a neighbor of a similar Maple tree that last summer housed a screech owl family.  (As reported in the Squire.)  That tree, too, was removed last fall after the fledglings “flew the coop”! 

City to welcome new (born) residents with free tree

Rockford City Manager Michael Young shows off one of the City’s new Arbor Day National Tree City sign.

By BETH ALTENA The City of Rockford has just received approval of their designation as a National Arbor Day Tree City and will celebrate with a gift of a tree in their honor to newborns who reside within city limits. “We have always had a tree planting program where residents pay half the price and […]

Rockford returns to roots as Tree City

Valley Views Green Team plants 40 red maples as the city’s last step to be a Tree City USA.

William Thornton would be proud of Rockford today. In 1856 the civil engineer was given the job of platting the Village of Laphamville and Thornton made sure the village, which would one day become Rockford, had lots of trees. On Friday, April 30, Rockford took the final step in a process that will qualify the […]