White Tail Deer Management Plan

DNR to create deer management plan

October 15, 2009 // 0 Comments

(DNR)—The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is in the process of creating a management plan for Michigan white-tailed deer. White-tailed deer generate various levels of interest among Michigan’s citizens. This interest covers a large range of issues with many different perspectives. To prepare a strategic management plan for deer, issues and perspectives need to be identified, science-based information provided and stakeholder perspectives explored. The deer planning team developed the following planning process, which will be used to develop a citizen-approved strategic deer management plan. During the summer of 2009, public surveys were conducted by Michigan State University to gain a better understanding of Michigan citizens and their views on deer and deer management. DAT recommendations are to be presented to the Natural Resources Commission in October 2009. Drafting of the deer management plan is scheduled for winter 2010. The draft management plan is scheduled to be presented to the public in spring 2010, along with receiving input at open houses. The plan is to be presented to the director and Natural Resources Commission for approval next summer. Tribal Involvement—Under the 2007 Inland Consent Decree, the DNR will be consulting with tribal governments on deer management throughout the planning process. Information from these meetings will be incorporated into the deer management plan. Tribes will also have the opportunity to review draft plans as they are developed. Michigan Deer Advisory Team—The primary responsibilities of this team are to identify the important values to consider for deer management based on the information compiled at the regional meetings and formulate recommendations for the DNR. These will be facilitated discussions and all DAT recommendations will be reached by consensus. For more information, visit www.michigan.gov/dnr.