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News Bits — December 30, 2010

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Women’s center announces calendar sales The 2011 Life is Precious calendars are here! The Alpha Family Center in Cedar Springs is so happy to have them printed and ready to bless homes and businesses in the community. You won’t be disappointed at the photos—each baby is a reflection of God’s love. Each $10 calendar sold helps the Alpha Family Center provide assistance to 1,500 families in the area. For more information or to purchase a calendar, call the Center at (616) 696-2616. Wolverine World Wide declares quarterly dividend The directors of Wolverine World Wide Inc. (NYSE: WWW) have declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.11 per share of common stock. The dividend is payable on February 1, 2011 to stockholders of record on January 3, 2011. The dividend is equal to the last quarterly dividend and reflects an indicated annual dividend of $0.44 per share. With a commitment to service and product excellence, Wolverine World Wide is one of the world’s leading marketers of branded casual, active lifestyle, work, outdoor sport and uniform footwear and apparel. The company’s portfolio of highly recognized brands includes: Bates, Chaco, Cushe, Hush Puppies, HYTEST, Merrell, Sebago and Wolverine. The company also is the exclusive footwear licensee of the well-known brands CAT, Harley-Davidson and Patagonia. The company’s products are carried by leading retailers in the U.S. and globally in 180 countries and territories. For additional information, please visit their website at www.wolverineworldwide.com.

WWW sample sale West Michigan’s largest United Way fundraiser

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“You can’t create a monster like this and turn it over to someone else,” Michael Bohnsack, director of Merrell Retail, a division of Wolverine World Wide (WWW), said of the annual sample sale held Thursday, Sept. 30 at WWW headquarters on Courtland Drive, Rockford. The sample sale, in its third year, was opened to the public this year for the first time ever. With prices on footwear including all the WWW brands, as well as sports apparel, up to 90 percent off, organizers weren’t sure what to expect for a turnout. With a slight drizzle in the morning, Julie Townsend, corporate social compliance analyst for WWW, thought poor weather might botch the success of the sale. Turns out, it didn’t. “We had security to help direct traffic, but they had to call in help from the Rockford Police,” Townsend said. The Rockford Police then called in the Michigan State Police to help because there were so many cars. “Traffic was backed up past Peppino’s.” Although the public portion of the sale didn’t begin until 4 p.m., by 2:30 the vast parking area at Wolverine was full and cars were lining up and down Courtland Drive. Lines of people wrapped around the warehouse where product was unpacked. Townsend said she and others on the sample sale team have a goal of increasing their donation to United Way by 10 percent each year. This is a lofty goal considering donations are down and charity organizations are receiving more requests for help than ever before. The parking lots and roadsides were full of cars by 1 p.m. and at about 2:30, three or four people got out of their cars to get in line. “I thought I was going to throw up,” Townsend said of her reaction to so many people waiting to shop. “We didn’t have volunteers scheduled to check people out until four. I felt like we were torturing people, making them wait.” “Our goal was to raise $85,000 for United Way. We decided we’d be ecstatic if we reached $90,000,” The sale was advertised by newspaper articles only in The Rockford Squire and the Grand Rapids Press. At the day’s end, the total raised for United Way, not including the six percent tax, which Wolverine […]

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GONE—Sunday morning all that remains of the three-story riverside WWW warehouse is the three level interior elevator tower.

Planning Commission praises new shoe store plan

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A public hearing for plans to build a new shoe and apparel store on the south section of the current Wolverine World Wide (WWW) property on the Rogue River was held Thursday, June 24. The plan met a warm reception for the most part, despite several comments—both from the public and Rockford Planning Commissioners—concerning contamination on the property. WWW was before the commission, asking they recommend rezoning 3.7 acres of the property from industrial to commercial (C2).   Rockford City Manager Michael Young explained to members of the audience and commissioners that rezoning would facilitate restructuring of the shoe and apparel store. The C2 zoning is more restrictive than a simple commercial designation. “In traditional commercial, anything could go there. It could be fast food, a bank, anything,” said Young. By WWW’s stipulation, the C2 would only allow the store. The store would go in where the pig procurement building is currently located. Five representatives from WWW as well as one from Rockford Construction were on hand to answer questions. A resident with a home facing the site asked if a hazardous waste study had been conducted and if the results were public. Another asked about the zoning of the parking lots on the east side of Main Street. “There is one lone house there. She’s surrounded by parking lots,” the speaker described. “As a commercial structure, there have to be hazardous materials studies,” described Young. “There are a lot of agencies looking at this from a safety point of view, from Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act [MIOSHA] to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment [DNRE].” Kenneth Grady, general council and secretary for WWW said the property has been constantly monitored for safety as until recently it was a working operation with employees. “We have been working with all appropriate government materials and an abundance of regulatory materials. From this point what we know is it is an old brick building that is coming down.” Planning Commissioner Phil Davis questioned the angle of the building, which neither faces Main nor Courtland streets. He speculated that when WWW reveals its ultimate plan for the entire property, the reason for the unusual placement would become clear. Grady disputed the assumption. He said the angle of […]

Wolverine presents responsible approach to tannery site redevelopment

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by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL At the May City of Rockford Planning Commission meeting, Wolverine World Wide (WWW) offered up a conceptual proposal and rendition of the company’s plans for redevelopment of the tannery facility. The following in verbatim is the verbiage of that spring 2010 update. “Following Wolverine World Wide’s 2009 decision to close our Rockford, Michigan-based tanning facility, the Company has been engaged in exploring future options for the centrally located, 15-acre site. This process, which has continued to involve discussions with the City of Rockford and area officials, is intended to fulfill Wolverine’s stated intent to ‘do something special for the community and the City of Rockford on this unique waterfront property in the heart of downtown.’ “The Company’s current plans call for a patient, flexible and responsible approach to redeveloping the former tannery site. Our approach is guided by two important objectives: preserving and enhancing the overall economic vitality of the City of Rockford; ensuring that any future development of the site is sustainable over the long term. “Pursuing sustainable development means taking into account the challenges posed by today’s economy. The downturn has taken a heavy toll on real estate investment and development activity, both regionally and nationally. As a result, there are currently fewer potential partners with the resources for implementing a broad, near-term plan for the site. On a related note, the economic downturn has been hard on existing Rockford businesses. Any new development activity must be considered in light of current and projected consumer demand. “While these challenges do not preclude our working with interested partners to pursue a comprehensive redevelopment plan, Wolverine believes it is in the best interests of both the community and the Company to focus on smaller-scale initiatives in the near term that can help lay the groundwork for additional development activity in the future. “Wolverine is currently in the process of working with City and state officials to move ahead with two specific projects: constructing a new Wolverine retail store at the south end of the vacant property. (3.7 acres of the 15 total acres of the site.) Our enhanced retail presence would replace the Company’s Rockford Footwear Depot at 235 N. Main Street and provide an added “draw” for the portion […]

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