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WWW helps employees’ families facing challenges during Christmas season

December 29, 2011 // 0 Comments

The employees of Wolverine Worldwide (WWW) are certainly no strangers to helping those families in need of extra support during the holidays. More than a decade ago, the company began a Giving Tree program that supported local children and helped ensure they received special gifts at Christmas. That original program evolved into the Wolverine Worldwide Family Giving Tree, started seven years ago. The unique aspect of this program is that it supports WWW employee families who may be experiencing extra challenges during the holiday season. WWW set up the Giving Tree through its employee assistance program provider, Encompass, to allow employees the ability to confidentially seek assistance for members of their immediate family. WWW employees are all made aware of the program and given the information they need to apply. Because Encompass administers the specific details of the families, it is completely confidential and the WWW employees who “adopt” the families only know the age, sex and a list of wishes for the persons that will be receiving the gifts. This year, more than 30 employee families were “adopted” by departments or individuals at WWW. The Giving Tree coordinators decorate their departments and display the various items that can be purchased for the families. The second week of December is typically when all of the gifts and needs are gathered and the employee elves finish up the last of the shopping. All of the donations are delivered to Encompass, who then arranges for pickup with the “adopted” families. According to Donna Albert, coordinator of the Wolverine Worldwide Family Giving Tree volunteers, “This program at Wolverine Worldwide is different and unique and one of the few times I have ever heard of a company supporting its employees in this way. I work with a committee of volunteers every year to help make the program happen, and it is a great feeling knowing that we are helping families of our very own employees have a brighter and merrier holiday season.” The Giving Tree program is just one of many ways that WWW employees are generous with their time, talent and financial support. Both the company and its employees support numerous charitable activities throughout the year, but none that hits any closer to home than this important program. […]