World Record Trout

World record trout on display in Rockford

January 14, 2010 // 0 Comments

by CLIFF AND NANCY HILL Has there ever been a fisherman who has not harbored the thought of one day catching a world record fish? On September 9 of last year (09/09/09) that day arrived for 35-year Rockford resident and avid fisherman, Tom Healy. Fishing on the Manistee River with his long-time fishing buddy, Bob Woodhouse—good fishing buddies are a treasure indeed—and guided by Tim Roller of Ultimate Outfitters, Healy tied into what he knew instinctively was a “big one.” He had been working a No. 8 Rapala Shad Wrap lure when the fish struck, and it wasn’t until the fish was brought to boat that it was identified as a huge brown trout. “It was the largest brown trout I had ever seen,” said veteran fishing guide Roller. Thus began a fated chain of events that will forever change the life of the 66 year-old retired Owen-Ames-Kimball construction company president. Hoping the fish was indeed a record fish, the three called it a day and quickly returned to the Peer Pressure Charter Boat office in Manistee to weigh the fish on a certified scale. Unbelievably, the trout was measured at 43.75 inches long, with a girth of 27 inches, and weighed a whopping 41 pounds and 7 ounces. When certified by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the fish smashed the former state record by almost five pounds. These stats were then submitted to the International Game Fish Association for possible world record certification. In early December 2009, Healy was thrilled to receive notice that his catch, the largest ever hooked and landed, had established a new world record for the brown trout species. Healy’s fish had broken a previously held 17-year record by 1.2 pounds. Now, establishing a world record fish catch, especially in one of the trout species, brings with it many accolades and endorsements. Sport fishermen around the world read and heard of Healy’s magnificent grab in the press and on TV. Reading of the feat in Field & Stream magazine, Curt Redden, founder and principal artist of You Catch We Sketch ( of Hattiesburg, Miss., contacted Healy. Redden paints high-quality original works of art of fishermen’s catches as an affordable alternative to high-priced taxidermy. Fishermen send photos and specifications […]